A completely new sensation: Machining centre ECO-RS


A completely new sensation: Machining centre ECO-RS
The ECO-RS is one of the most recent machines developed at Reichenbacher Hamuel and available in two different sizes. Installation and start-up of the machining centre are as simple as never before, as almost all parts have been fixed to the machine and need not be removed for transportation or relocation.

The special feature of the new series is the way how the components are fed into the machine. The ECO-RS is of the inclined-bed type, meaning that the table is fixed to the machine in an almost vertical position and can be swivelled. The components are fed into the machine from the front, while machining takes place in the machine’s interior.

As the table is inclined by 12°, the components are no longer placed and clamped horizontally, but almost vertically. Once the components are in place, the table will be swivelled by 180°. Here, safety is ensured by a scanner that covers the entire area. Thus, the operator will no longer have to wait for doors to open or similar things.

ECO-RS-1, view machining side


ECO-RS-1, view loading and unloading

Technical features:

  • One or two 5-axes working units that can be tilted by up to 44° and equipped with various head versions (star-shaped head with 3 milling spindles of 3.5 kW, each, or 3 milling / sawing spindles of 6.4 kW, each, or spindle for tool change with HSK-E32)
  • Tool changer plate with 12 places moving along the X, Y and Z axes
  • Integrated chip conception with chip removal belt and ascending conveyor
  • Fully encased milling machine with rotary table and inclined machine bed (thus maximum working area at minimum base area)
  • Working area ECO-RS 1 (X, Y, Z): 1,750 x 1,000 x 400 (550) mm
  • Working area ECO-RS 2 (X, Y, Z): 2,150 x 1,500 x 600 (750) mm
  • Space requirements ECO-RS 1 (X, Y, Z): 5,700 x 2,300 x 2,700 mm
  • Space requirements ECO-RS 2 (X, Y, Z): 6,700 x 3,000 x 3,600 mm
  • Control Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl with operator surface HMI Operate