GUSSEK HAUS invest into a new machining centre produced by Reichenbacher


For 60 years GUSSEK HAUS have now been among the most renowned manufacturers of prefabricated houses in Germany. Already at an early stage the company made the decision for the in-house production of sub-assembly groups, such as windows, front doors, jutties and staircases. Thus, in the course of time powerful branches of production have developed. Based on their optimum technological standards, GUSSEK HAUS offer a maximum of quality, precision, product variety and efficiency. Handrail and strings are made from one piece. The customer can make a choice from a multitude of different handrails, newel posts and balusters. Of course, the first step of a staircase can have an individual design.

An investment into a new CNC machining centre type VISION-II-ST Sprint has been made to replace a Reichenbacher RANC-MC 5-axes machine after 15 years of trouble-free operation. Special Compass staircase software supplements the Siemens control system to permit the production of 2,000 staircases per year in 3-shift operation. The components are positioned on the machine table using laser projection. Here, the 5-axes machining centre ensures utmost precision and efficiency. Cutting accuracy, the fully-automatic control system and minimum material losses guarantee a consistently excellent result, as it can exclusively be obtained in automated production.

This machine is equipped with three additional milling motors for your staircase production. These units are mounted to the Y-slide and connected to the cardanic head. Each milling motor is provided with a collet chuck and individually placed in its working position. The utilization of the main milling motor at the cardanic working head is limited to horizontal and freeform processes, as well as to sawing processes at the steps. Moreover, the tool changing system moves along the X-axis next to the main milling motor. Compared to other solutions, in staircase production this machine conception provides for a savings potential of about 20 % in production time caused by a reduction in tool changing time.

Left to right:
Georg Klinge (Head of staircase manufacturing), two machine operators of GUSSEK HAUS, Thilo Becker (Commissioning department Reichenbacher), Daniel Bank (Compass Software), Davis Müller (Sales department Reichenbacher)

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