Industry solutions

High-tech machining centre for efficient door production from one-off to mass production
The nucleus of the production cell is a VISION II U T-Sprint with two 5-axis machining heads, a 60 place chain magazine and two automatic lifting portals. Workpieces are machined on a through-flow machining table. The process operation is facilitated by a twin channel control system which ensures that whilst working head 1 is machining, working head 2 is simultaneously selecting the next tool, and vice versa.
Four machines in one – no downtime for the automotive industry
The ECO 2830 C, with a three-sided gantry, has two independently moving machining tables on a solid substructure. Multi-channel technology allows different machining groups to be individually combined. Four routing spindles, with a 12 place tool magazine, are mounted at the front of the gantry. At the rear the machining group consists of two 14kW 5-axis working heads with a lateral multi-spindle drilling head with 25 drilling spindles.

Machining centre with linear drive for the highest precision and dynamics for machining composites
The rugged construction of the ECO 3117 A is undeniable. The bridge gantry and the machine bed are filled with special concrete for vibration absorption. The X-axis achieves a feed rate of 120m/min – a revolution in dynamics and precision. The position of the routing spindle, calibration of the clamping device position, and measuring of parts, and their position on the machine, are ensured by a Renishaw tracing head with IR-transmission.

Unique cutting performance for large plates
The VISION III-TTT-Sprint works on the maximum level of automation. The workpiece is fixed on the table while the gantry moves which allows high machining speed. In this way plates of the most different material are processed on the through-feed table. Without any repositioning the raw plates can be machined on 5 sides. The conveying system that is installed in front of and behind the machining centre guarantees quick handling of the large plates up to a thickness of 400mm. The key point of this technology certainly is the incomparable precision of maximum 0.1mm - whether a 10m plate or a small part is machined.