The new cutting and machining centre at the Balteschwiler AG headquarters in Laufenburg is setting standards. Plates of the most different wood composites up to 13.5m of length, 3.2m of width and a thickness of 250mm can be cut, routed, chamfered and ground with this large-scale unit and its associated logistics. The heart of the new production unit is the CNC-machining centre VISION III-TTT-Sprint with a maximum degree of automation, designed and built by Reichenbacher Hamuel. The dimensions alone are quite impressive: 19 meters long, 8.5 meters wide and almost 5 meters high.

The workpiece is fixed upon the table while the machining gantry runs on five axes - this concept allows high processing speed. Plates of the most different kinds of wood composites are processed on the through-feed table: Without any repositioning the raw plates can be machined on five sides. By mechanising the infeed and outfeed by conveying systems a quick handling of the large plates is guaranteed.


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  • Machine dimensions (X / Y / Z) approx 19,000 x 8,500 x 4,800mm
  • Gantry passage: free height between upper edge of table and lower edge of gantry is 500mm
  • Axis motions (Gantry-system): X1/2 = 14,200mm; Y1/2  = 4,200mm; Z = 780mm
  • Feed rates: X = 60 m/min; Y = 60 m/min (rapid motion up to 60); Z = 20 m/min
  • Table execution: pin table with two clamping stations and integrated roller conveyor, 14 adjustable beams in X-direction,
    420 vacuum pods, 200mm stroke
  • Vacuum lifter mounted to the Y-slide, ready machined parts are lifted and transported to the roller conveyer by motion of the
    X- and Y-axis, stroke approx 550mm
  • Moveable stop bar (X-direction), length approx 1m, mounted to the Y-slide
  • Forth motion of stop bar (Y-direction) on the right side of the gantry
  • Cleaning brush (rotating circular brush) mounted to the outfeed side of the machine
  • 1x 5-axis working aggregate, performance 24 kW, HSK-E63, water-cooled and hybrid bearing, incl. blast nozzle and clamping unit, revolutions 500 – 24,000 1/min
  • Multi-spindle drilling unit with 19 drilling spindles mounted in T-shape, rotatable 360° around C-axis, performance 2.2 kW, spindle speed 4,500 1/min
  • Automatic magazine plate for 24 tools
  • 3x pick-up places for saw blades up to 450mm and 750mm, moveable in the X-axis
  • 2x chip conveyors mounted in the machine table, width of belt approx 400mm
  • 2x vacuum pumps with 250 m³/h, 1x vacuum tank with 500 litres
  • Siemens control type Sinumerik 840D sl (Safety Integrated) in moveable control panel with 17" TFT-monitor, including teleservice

Manufacturing & Technology

The key point of this technology certainly is the incomparable precision of maximum 0.1mm - which does not depend on size. It is the same with small parts and 10 metres monsters. For customers this means maximum flexibility concerning the ordering of components and creates an attractive pricing. The high degree of automation allows passing on the price advantage to the customers.

The customer decides up to which degree the plates, beams and wooden components are being prefabricated - the high vertical range of production will offer any level. So everything from pre-cut to surface treatment can be received „from one source“. Ceiling and wall constructions, prefabricated modules as well as complex elements of hall or bridge construction can be produced in Laufenburg.

Overview of the entire unit

Of course, it needs a statistic and planning team to offer the large variety of services that can be done by this state-of-the-art „wood technological allrounder“ to the customers. The entire delivery logistics at the end of the process complete the full range of services for the customer.