The family-run company KONOLD based in Dischingen-Katzenstein was founded early in the year 1900 and has currently more than 150 employees. Starting out as a wheelwright business, KONOLD time and again went for new markets and produced cartwheels, barrels and ladders, as well as wooden sofa frames and coffered ceilings. 

The present range of products of KONOLD comprises individually customized doors. Taking into consideration the multitude of products, from glass doors, via design doors, to reproduction and folding doors, there are no limitations to customer requests. KONOLD represents decades of experience in door manufacturing based on zeal and precision.  The principle of its founder Josef Konold „If you don’t go forwards, you go backwards“ makes the family company KONOLD still one of the best in its industry.

To meet these great demands, KONOLD trusts in customized doors of all types and in manufacturing them on a machining centre type VISION-III-TU Sprint with numeric control from Reichenbacher Hamuel.


Jochen Graf
Projektierung/ Vertrieb
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  • Total space requirements of the line 20,000 x 16,000 mm
  • Machine dimensions (X / Y / Z) approx. 11,500 x 4,500 x 4,000 mm
  • Portal passage: height between the clamping surface of the extended suction cups and the portal’s bottom edge 220 mm
  • Displacement: X = 7,900 mm; Y1/2 =2,200 mm; Z1/2 = 380 mm
  • Speed: X = 60m/min; Y = 90m/min; Z = 20m/min
  • Table design as pin table: front section in X- direction fixed bar with 36 individually controllable suctions cups (PINS) per table side, cup diameter 50 mm, stroke approx. 150 mm; rear section per table side an automatically adjustable bar with 36 individually controllable cups diameter 50 mm (PINS), stroke approx. 150 mm
  • Support beam: per table side 2 support bars in X-direction; support level approx. 5 mm above pin cup, stroke approx. 150 mm
  • Stops: per table side 4 pneumatically retractable plate stops to provide a stop in Y-direction, per table side 2 pneumatically retractable stops to provide a stop in X-direction
  • 2x 5-axes working spindle, power 15 kW, HSK-F63, water-cooled with hybrid bearing, incl. blasting nozzles and torque support, speed 500 – 24,000 rpm
  • Automatic chain tool magazine with 40 tool places
  • Chip removal belt installed in the machine table, belt width approx. 800 mm
  • Vacuum pump with 250 m³/h, vacuum reservoir with 500 litres
  • Siemens control system type Sinumerik 840D sl (Safety Integrated) in a mobile operator desk with 17" TFT-monitor, including tele-diagnostics

Manufacturing & Technology

The machining centre has been equipped with two 5-axes working units for alternate operation. Moreover, the machine has been provided with a pin table fitted with suction bars with 36 vacuum cups for the front and for the rear section of the machine. The suction bar in the machine’s front section is a fixed one with individually controllable cups, whereas the suction bar in the rear section is automatically adjustable and guarantees maximum flexibility. 

A 6-axes robot has been mounted on an additional linear axis to ensure optimum loading and unloading in both stations (alternate operation). An aligner station permits CNC-machining of the doors from both sides.  Using a barcode on the parts to be machined for identification, the robot communicates with the CNC-machine via ProfiNEt in real time. 

The VISION-III-TU Sprint permits the precise and extremely fast machining of the parts, as well as the optimum loading and unloading in connection with the additional robot arm.

View of the entire line