Airex Composite Structures, an innovative manufacturer in the field of railway vehicle and bus construction, is located at Altenrhein on the Swiss side of Lake Constance. ACS offer system solutions for sustainable and comfortable mobility. Their focus is on the development and manufacturing of lightweight structures for railway vehicles, buses and coaches, as well as on industrial applications.

Already at an early stage, ACS had recognized customer requirements and introduced into vehicle construction lightweight structures based on sandwich technology. As part of a strong global group of companies, they had the chance of becoming active on a project-related scale world-wide and of forming relationships with almost all railway vehicle, bus and coach manufacturers. Their core business areas currently are Europe and Asia. Comprehensive investment permitted a modern automated manufacturing section to be put into operation at the technical competence centre at Altenrhein in Switzerland in 2014. Solutions known world-wide are the INNOCAB front cabins and the COMFLOOR floors for railway vehicles, buses and coaches, as well as XBODY – intelligent vehicle components in lightweight structure for rail and road.


Jochen Graf
Projektierung/ Vertrieb
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  • Machine dimensions (X / Y / Z) approximately 19,100 x 5,000 x 3,000 mm, table size = 16,420 x 2,680 mm, grooved area = 15,360 x 2,600 mm
  • Displacements: X1/2 = 16,540 mm; Y  = 2,800 mm; Z = 480 mm; B = +/- 180°, C = +/- 360°
  • Speeds: X = 60 m/min; Y = 60 m/min ; Z = 20 m/min
  • Table in grooved HPL-design with 16 vacuum sections and 2 channel compressors and pumps
  • Working area:
    for single loading max. 16,200 x 2,500 mm
    with a useable area of approx. 15,000 x 2,500 mm
    for reciprocal loading approx. 2 x 8,000 x 2,500 mm
  • 5-axes working unit
  • 15 kW-spindle, 24,000 rpm, HSK-F63 suited for thread-cutting
  • Blasting nozzle with ionisation
  • Plate magazine HSK-F63 with 24 places
  • Spindle unit with tracer bell, 3D sensor for measuring the part positions in the X/Y-plane
  • Extendable extraction hood (5-axes)
  • Elevated cable chain in the X-direction
  • Siemens control of type Sinumerik 840D sl (Safety Integrated)

Manufacturing & Technology

At a length of 16,540 mm and a width of 2,800 mm the Reichenbacher VISION-III-TT Sprint forms part of the overall manufacturing concept at ACS. Special attention should be drawn to the design of the table, where we find the standard grooved table combined with a vacuum concept to permit optimum nesting.

16 vacuum sections with a channel compressor for each machine side generate large-volume vacuum. In addition, there are two vacuum pumps to provide vacuum only in certain spots. Moreover, a quick change-over between flatbed table and vacuum table will be possible.
Different clamping devices permit an easier and quicker setting of the table for either flat material or curved components.

View of the overall line