Production with greater flexibility, higher speed and more efficiency – that's what the specialist door manufacturer PRÜM had in mind. And that's why the company ordered a new production line from Reichenbacher Hamuel – a production line that by its complexity and speed has set new standards even for Reichenbacher.
Innovative power, service and their clear sales strategy have made PRÜM one of the market leaders for door production in Germany. The portfolio of the company, which was founded at Weinsheim in the Eifel region in 1970, includes apart from a great variety of standard, reproduction style, lifestyle and designer doors, also high-quality purpose doors, such as noise and smoke protection doors, as well as burglar- and fire-resistant doors. A comprehensive choice of surface materials, from solid wood and veneer via easy to clean paints and decorative foils, up to heavy-duty CPL and HPL, symbolize their wide range of products in an impressive way.


Jochen Graf
Projektierung/ Vertrieb
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  • Machine dimensions (X / Y / Z)  15,000 x 12,500 (with robot) x 4,000 mm
  • Displacements (Gantry-drive): X1/2 = 9,400 mm; X3  = 9,400 mm; Y1/2  = 3,200 mm; Z1/2  = 380 mm; B1/2  = +/- 180°; C1/2  = +/- 360°;
  • Speeds: X = 60 m/min; Y = 90 m/min; Z = 20 m/min
  • Pin table with fixed pin bar (33 vacuum pins for individual actuation), diameter per pin 50 mm, stroke approximately 150 mm
  • 2x 5-axes working spindle, power 15 kW, with vibration monitoring system, torque support fixed to the working unit, speed 500 – 24,000 rpm
  • Blasting nozzle to be activated and deactivated via the NC-control system
  • Automatic chain changer for 60 tools
  • Two additional unit slides within the machine bed, displaceable in the X-, Y- and Z-direction via separate NC-axes, each equipped with a combined milling and drilling motor
  • KUKA-6-axes robot with linear axis, displacement 5 m; measuring device at the robot gripper; door turnover station; floor-level roller track with angular transfer of the component; transverse chain conveyor; bar code scanner
  • Siemens control type Sinumerik 840D sl (Safety Integrated), control designed in 6-channel technology

Manufacturing & Technology

The core of the machining centre is a conventional CNC-milling machine, however equipped with two 5-axes heads. Thus, for example, it will be possible to drill a hole for a door viewer while lighting cut-outs are milled for the next work step. The use of two pin tables in the MC pursues the same principle.
View of the overall line

View of the overall line

No matter whether the work-piece reaches the MC from the press line for the initial door bodies, from the edging line or from the lacquering line, based on a bar code, the machine will recognize the type of door in question and perform the corresponding steps in a fully automatic way. Once the machining has been completed, the robot will remove the door and automatically feed it to further processing or packaging for the final customer. All this is not only done at unrivalled speed, but also with extraordinary precision. At right angles the deviation within one metre is only 0.1 millimetres. If a working step is repeated in the same axis, the deviation will even be a mere 0.05 millimetres within one metre.