Above all, wood materials with special static properties and high-quality surfaces represent a cost factor one would like to keep as small as possible by their optimised utilisation. These requirements are met by nesting in an ideal way. In the case of the CNC-machining centre VIRTUS, the CAM-module NC-Hops performs the administration of the plates available in accordance with their material, size, number and the side on which they are resting on the table.

On the loading side of the VIRTUS there is a lifting table that permits the stacking of the plates in dimensions 2,800 x 2,070 mm to a height of about 600 mm. The lifting table is automatically positioned at the entry level by means of an integrated sensor. The extendable extraction and push-out device removes the milled plate and at the same time cleans the machine table. The finished plate is pushed onto a conveyor belt situated at the exit side and transported out of the machine. Simultaneously, a new plate is positioned on the loading side of the machine table.