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Wood - living material
Reichenbacher Hamuel has great experience in the manufacturing of machines and machining centres for the woodworking industry. Multi-functionality is proven by the 3-axis as well as the 5-axis machines for the machining of three-form faces (three-dimensional machining) and several multi-axis machines for special machining demands. Depending on lot-size and machining complexity the woodworking customer can choose from our entire machine program. 
The Reichenbacher Hamuel machining centres stand out for absolute precision and highest working speed. These charcteristics are guaranteed by a high machine dynamic and machine rigidity. The choice of reliable standard componentries permits aggregate equipment according to individual customer requirements and thus brings flexible problem solutions for any machining tasks.


Plastics - versatile and modern
Formed plastic materials (deep-drawn parts or fibre glass reinforced parts) are a market segment where the automotive, aircraft and casting industries trust in the high quality level of Reichenbacher Hamuel.

Special industries for airplane interior design, acrylic, styrofoam, display and filter processing and suppliers in the automotive industry use our machines with the same success. Even for the machining of gypsum fibre boards, sandwich boards and technical foams Reichenbacher Hamuel offers effective solutions.


Aluminium - lightweight and flexible
The high-speed and efficient machining of light metals has become more and more important. With our CNC-machines we offer future-proof and perfect routing, drilling and cutting of semi-finished workpieces in any design. Our high-tech machines are used in the automotive and wagon industry and also for the production of building elements, mainly with an efficient and entire 5-axis machining.
This 5-axis technique provides three-dimensional movements and guarantees first-class results. The careful and high-quality treatment of the semi-finished workpieces can be carried out in one clamping. For that purpose Reichenbacher Hamuel recommends the use of movable gantry machines or machines with fixed gantry and movable machine tables. This NC-processing has less transport and loading times contrary to conventional machines.


Steel and casting material - future-orientated materials
HAMÜL – For 75 years this name has given guarantee for competence and practise-orientation in the machine tool construction and for the production of components.  From the beginning an experienced and committed team of engineers and application engineers is available for the customer, no matter if a whole machine has to be constructed, problems have to be solved at components such as linear units, machine beds or routing heads or if an existing machine has to be updated. 
From the idea to the construction to the production: The focus of all considerations and works is on the customer and the accomplishment of difficult tasks at optimum costs. Machines and components – made by HAMÜL – always work efficiently and cost-effective. All this offers the customer the biggest possible benefit.