The clamping of components, especially very small ones, is a great challenge. In addition, pressed aluminum profiles are sometimes very twisted, and the larger the profile, the more rigid it becomes.

The VISION-FLEX at Mechtop is designed for 6-sided aluminum machining one hundred percent. Individually driven clamping blocks considerably reduce set-up and production times, and the fact that you can also reclamp during machining is fascinating.


Efficient manufacturing processes require intelligent system components.

Ikuform supply finished technical components from plastic material to industries demanding extremely high surface qualities. The VISION-I-H guarantees first-rate machining results for plastic components – and it does so at consistent quality.

To the VISION series

Hüttinger, a provider of interacting exhibits from wood, aluminium and thermoplastics for science centres and themed attractions considers the CNC-line VISION-II-TH inspiring.

They deal with a great variety of components, and the line perfectly handles complex tasks, e.g. to obtain clear edges for components from acrylic glass.

To the VISION series

Prototype and model construction is about high material removal rates and good surface quality. This requires a powerful spindle in a unit designed for high feed rates, such as the ECO-2126-A.

The Institute for Prototypes and Model Technology of Coburg University is a development service provider. Among their fascinating projects are moulds and models for interior and exterior trim elements for the automotive industry.

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