Trend-setting in the direction of smart vehicle interiors: One component is high-gloss painted multi-component parts that reflect the modern zeitgeist.

Faurecia's special machine ECO-LT-1010 uses the most advanced technology to produce first-class interior parts for luxury series.

To the ECO LT series

Decorative real metal surfaces in combination with sophisticated geometries create a very unique vehicle identity.

Alutrim uses an ECO-RS-III for large series production: The machine table with two almost vertical table surfaces is mounted on a turning device and can be turned 180° for loading.

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In caravan construction, furniture fronts and flaps, kitchen worktops or entire sleeping systems for individual comfort are made from sandwich or lightweight panels that are extremely stable.

Stengele works with templates, so a high Z-stroke is essential: for the VISION-III-TH, this is 700 mm, perfected with the option of nesting in pendulum mode.

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Prerequisite for increasing urbanisation are efficiently moving masses and therefore light-weight structures for rail vehicles and buses.

AIREX is the market leader where functionally integrated composite systems for mass transport are concerned. High-precision manufacturing of these components is carried out on a VISION-III-TT.

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A weight reduction of the superstructure and thus better stability and driving dynamics are achieved when mobile homes are built from high-stability light-weight materials.

This approach has optimised Carthago’s overall concept of mobile home construction. Interior fittings, structural components and outer walls are machined on the VISION-II, the  excellent milling results of which underline the superior quality of the products.

To the VISION series

Cross-linked rigid foams are the ultimate in light-weight construction and race cars have become inconceivable without them.

Gaugler & Lutz is top in the industry as a supplier of core materials for lightweight and sandwich constructions. Manufacturing on a VISION-II provides optimum conditions for their   strategy of dynamic capacity utilisation.

To the VISION series

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