16 new apprentices for the Hamuel Reichenbacher group of companies


At a current staff of about 350, the HAMUEL Maschinenbau GmbH & at Meeder and the Reichenbacher Hamuel GmbH at Dörfles-Esbach are part of the Hamuel Reichenbacher group of companies and thus of the global SCHERDEL Group with its more than 4,000 employees. Almost 100 years of experience in mechanical engineering and over 30 years of know-how in CNC-machining make the company an expert in CNC-machining centres. Their range of products includes for example CNC-milling machines for the processing of wood, aluminium, composites, plastics, metals, and titanium, as well as for materials difficult to machine. Many in-house developments, custom-made products, and patents account for the company's outstanding innovative capacity.
A total of 16 apprentices started their career in the two companies on September 1st, 2014. Also this year, there are two among the young and motivated apprentices who have subscribed to dual studies in the fields of industrial mechanics and electrical engineering. Depending on their vocational orientation, all the apprentices will stay in the respective departments of the companies at Dörfles-Esbach and Meeder, such as manufacturing, machining, sheet-metal production, quality assurance, logistics or assembly, and administration, for a a certain period of time. There, they will be in close cooperation with the respective experts and will also assume tasks related to production. For motivation and better teamwork we plan for a specific day, on which the apprentices can get acquainted with their instructors.

A total of 16 new apprentices for the Hamuel Reichenbacher group of companies

General information on the apprenticeships:
  • Reichenbacher Hamuel will have 8 apprentices and HAMUEL also 8, two of which as dual students
  • Training will be for industrial clerks, industrial mechanics, mechatronic technicians, electronics technicians for industrial engineering, logistics specialists, IT system integration specialists, technical product designers, production technologists and dual students with a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering
Information on the industrial training:
  • Common training of the industrial mechanics and of the mechatronic technicians at the workshop at Dörfles-Esbach during the first year
  • Subjects: basic course on metallurgy, basic course on machine tools for drilling, turning and milling, basic courses on electrical engineering and control technology
  • Depending on the job profile, passage through the individual departments of the companies as of the second year
  • Electronics technicians and productions technologists will be given shorter basic courses on metallurgy and machine tools and will pass on to the individual departments of the companies already in their first year
  • The dual students, too, will be given a shorter basic training and will then quickly be introduced to the practice
  • Rüdiger Fischer: electrical engineering, control technology (Dörfles-Esbach)
  • Jens Mryholod: mechanics, electrical engineering, control technology, machines (Dörfles-Esbach and Meeder)
  • Frank Welsch (head instructor): mechanics, control technology, machines (Dörfles-Esbach)
Information on the commercial training:
  • The commercial apprentices will separately be trained at Dörfles-Esbach and Meeder
  • Passage through the respective departments, such as materials management, human resources management, accounting and finance, marketing and sales
  • As of the third year, there will be an additional training on a corporate level taking place at our centralised accounting department at SCHERDEL Marktredwitz