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Reichenbacher Hamuel GmbH is a part of the business association Hamuel Reichenbacher. Further members are the HAMUEL Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG and the HAMUEL Maschinenbau Plauen GmbH & Co. KG. These three companies act as Hamuel Reichenbacher. As a customer, you benefit from the synergy effects of this partnership.

Reichenbacher Hamuel:

  • specialists with over 60 years of expertise in customised mechanical engineering for timber, plastics, aluminium and composite processing
  • offers systems for complete machining solutions
  • has over 30 years’ experience in 5-axis and multi-axis technology
  • develops individual CNC-machining centres and comprehensive solution concepts to a high level
  • strives for consistently high output and excellent availability with the highest mechanical impact on the machines
  • belongs to the SCHERDEL Group which has more than 6,000 employees worldwide

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Reichenbacher Hamuel

Reichenbacher Hamuel GmbH
Rosenauer Str. 32
D-96487 Dörfles-Esbach

Phone:  +49 (0)9561 599-0
Fax:        +49 (0)9561 599-199

Hamuel Meeder

HAMUEL Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
Industriestraße 6
D-96484 Meeder

Phone:  +49 (0)9566 9224-0
Fax:        +49 (0)9566 9224-80

Hamuel Plauen

HAMUEL Maschinenbau Plauen GmbH & Co. KG
Hans-Sachs-Str. 28
D-08525 Plauen

Phone: +49 3741 599-20
Fax:       +49 3741 599-26