Grand opening of the new Renggli production plant (Switzerland)


In the Lucerne back country a timber engineer sets new standards: The new production plant of Renggli AG is one of the most efficient ones in Europe and had its grand opening this weekend. Driving towards idyllic Gleng near Schötz one can hardly imagine the highly modern technology in the suddenly appearing workshop with its shingled wooden facade. Since 1923 the Renggli family have been leading their woodworking company, always seeking innovation. The current peak of this almost 90 years of history is the doubling of the production plant with its new high-tech machines.

Inside: The latest technology
The new Renggli plant takes into consideration the requirements of demanding partners concerning processes, flexibility and capability. Even the most venturous ideas can be realised by the CNC-cutting units. With the high-tech machines the trained craftsmen working with Renggli have new and strong allies. This is for example the new plate machining centre from Reichenbacher Hamuel which allows two-sided machining of large plates and has a fully automatic loading system.

The new Reichenbacher Hamuel CNC-machining centre – ECO 3533 B-Sprint

Unique logistics
By separating cut and assembly of elements the new production process fulfils any desires concerning production depth and quality of parts. In the course of the expansion the hitherto existing production units built in 1995 were entirely rebuilt respectively enlarged and re-integrated into the new logistic system. The new plate machining centre was installed in hall nave II. In the future the well-coordinated production team will do exclusively cutting and preparing work here. In the new hall the prepared or purchased finished products will be assembled under optimum conditions. The new production process reminds of those in the automotive industry: efficient single steps, simple scaling of capacity, shorter processing times, higher quality.

Growth for safe and new jobs
With the expansion of the plant the Renggli AG creates new jobs - still growing since the foundation 90 years ago where there was only a handful of employees. Now 30 new employees have been appointed and thus the workforce rose to 170. Besides the new jobs in the craft sector the expansion also brings desk jobs. CEO Max Renggli is satisfied: „It is the right time to say it: I am proud to be with the Renggli AG and such a strong team!“.

Machining of different plate materials in a closed system

Back of the ECO: fully automatic loading system with direct access to the racking

Contact addresses:

6247 Schötz
Telephone +41 62 7482222
Telefax +41 62 7482223

Systraplan GmbH & Co. KG
Einsteinstraße 5
32052 Herford
Telephone: +49 5221 7677-0
Telefax: +49 5221 7677-77

Information about the ECO 3533 B-Sprint

  • Machine dimensions (floor space) approx 24,000 x 14,000mm
  • 2 machine tables, divided into 16 vacuum areas, individually controllable, nesting table to be covered with a stainless steel plate for a plane table with double circuit pods
  • Working area each table 3,500 x 3,300mm, coupled 7,000 x 3,300mm
  • 5 pneumatically sinkable stops each machine table
  • Feed rate: X = 90 m/min; Y = 60 m/min; Z = 40 m/min
  • Axis strokes: X1/2 = 8,000mm; Y1/2 = 10,100mm; Z1 = 900mm; Z2 = 550mm
  • 5-axis working spindle, 24 kW performance, HSK-F63, revolutions 500 - 24.000rpm
  • SIVIB for monitoring the admissible tool unbalance
  • Drilling unit with 40 drills BDE3 with 8x 1.7 kW performance, drive direction right
  • Printing and labelling system at the Z-axis in front of the drilling head
  • Automatic chain magazine for 80 tools; the working head respectively the routing spindle is supplied with the pre-selected tool by double-gripper module
  • Measuring pin for the vertical measuring of part positions in the X/Y-plane; tracing head to be taken from the tool magazine
  • 2x pick-up tool places for sawing tools up to a diameter of 740mm
  • Chip removal package with 2 pneumatically activated units for pushing off the waste parts for cleaning the table and 2 additional brushes for cleaning the parts
  • 2 rotary screw vacuum pumps with 942 m³/h suction capacity each, make Kaeser
  • Machine with sheet steel enclosure, two pneumatic lift gates in the front side of the enclosure
  • Siemens control type Sinumerik 840D sl in moveable control panel with 17" TFT-monitor, including tele-diagnostic, multi-channel technique
  • Wireless hand control device, software NC-HOPS V5.0

Excerpt / Download "DAS NEUE BAZ: EIN PLATTENSTAR" taken from the special edition „Faktor Werk", the magazine for the new Renggli plant in Schötz LU: