LIGNA 2015 - Surprisingly versatile! - Hanover: Hall 12, booth D06


Top-class all-rounder

For decades, the name Reichenbacher Hamuel has been a synonym for a company that impresses by its trendsetting machine conceptions. The LIGNA motto „surprisingly versatile“ excellently plays into the hands of this specialist company, as there Reichenbacher can present itself as the known versatile all-rounder and can demonstrate that its lines for massive wood machining are a class of its own, also where plastic and composites machining is concerned.



 CNC-machining centre VISION-RC manufactured by Reichenbacher


In hall 12, booth D06, the CNC-machining centre VISION-RC, a machine for processing wood, plastic or composites (depending on the special execution of the machine), will be on display. The manufacturer will impressively show its capacities in interesting 5-axes live presentations using most diverse materials, such as free-form CFRP and GRP parts and components made from ureol or corian, as well as by the heavy machining of technical plastics and composites with a sandwich structure made from aluminium, polyurethane foam and wood. Along with the energy efficiency of the lines, our focus at this fair will mainly be on safety systems with tools permitting analysis and diagnosis.


Automatic beam table with a cardanic 5-axes working unit in a 4-column portal

The heart of this highly modern VISION-RC is a very stable and rigid working head. Especially when wood is machined, the latter will permit a highly precise and rapid processing of the work-pieces. Moreover, the line is also very appropriate for the machining of other materials and can, even many years later, be expanded or optimised to exactly suit the desired utilisation. Thus, the machine virtually grows in line with the requirements of the respective company. Its long lifetime is guaranteed by high-value components, as, for example, exclusively user-friendly control systems of Siemens make are used. Moreover, a separate service module with graphic screens permits simple fault diagnosis. Many possibilities of combining the individual components guarantee the optimum execution for the respective customer demands.

The use of plastics and composites is a key technology in the automobile, boat and railway vehicle construction, as well as in the aircraft industry. In these industries, the intelligent comprehensive CNC-solutions from Reichenbacher are convincing all along the line, as these machines are made for guaranteeing highly dynamic machining at consistent quality. The satisfaction of our renowned customers tells its own tale, and thus impressive components will be shown in the special presentation in hall 16.

The increase in product variety and the ensuing rapid sequence of product cycles is a great technical challenge in terms of process security and flexibility. Reichenbacher rely on in-house production depth and great capacities for development and hence offer decisive competitive advantages. Decades of experience gathered by Reichenbacher are the groundwork on which we are capable of offering future-oriented solutions to the user, as only the optimum interaction between quick and precise machining, consistent quality and flexibility finally warrants for our customers' security of investment.